Engage your customers and the community every time they shop, save and share locally. GroupInterest provides a REST API for accessing merchant and brand manufacturer promotion and coupon content for use within affiliates applications. Our REST API is designed to be a simple yet robust way to provide affiliates broad control over integrating relevant GroupInterest content into their applications. Since the APIs are based on REST principles, it is easy to write and test applications. Any browser can be used to access the URLs, and most HTTP clients in any programming language can be used to interact with the APIs.

Step 1

The GroupInterest REST API uses JWT.IO as an authorization token that uses the Secret Key to sign the token and the API Key to link the Application. Both of these will be available to you as a registered consumer of the REST API. The first step is to generate a token that will be used for "Authorize" and "Create" endpoints. Once a User object is returned the next step will be to generate a new token that includes the userId and the userAPIKey.

Generate Token

This token will now be apart of the request for "Authorize", "Reset", and "Create". It is included under the "Authorization" header. The API Key has also been added to the header under "X-API-KEY". These are required as either headers or as query parameters.

Want to generate everything you need to use our API? Download our Swagger Template and import in the Swagger Editor
Step 2

Add your Application API Key and your Secret Key

Generate User Token

This token will now be apart of all requests. It is included under the "Authorization" header. UserId and UserKey have been added to the body of the token for Authorization. You can also add Latitude and Longitude to the body of the Token to keep all request simple.